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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Fan Art Book Covers!

I've promised to post these since I started this blog, so here they are! I made these fan art book covers originally as an activity on, and I picked books that I liked that also could have a fan cover made easily (no fancy photomanipulations or vector graphics).

To anyone who skipped the first paragraph, this is FAN ART, not the actual covers. I'm not trying to steal anything either. I made these myself from public domain photos and the very fact that I spent hours making them means that I am a fan of the books. So go read them!

First I'll put the fan art cover, then I'll show the real cover and a link to Amazon to find out more about the book.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Fan Cover:

Real Cover:

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Fan Cover (This one is inspired by the movie.):

Real Cover (not the movie cover):

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Fan Cover:

Real Cover (paperback):

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (I'm no big Twilight fan, but I thought I could make a good cover for it.)

Fan Cover:

Real Cover:

So.... What did you think?



Alea said...

Ooooh those are fun!

Ink Mage said...

I think your cover for The City of Ember is SO much better and more interesting. I also like your version of The Adoration of Jenna Fox better, and your Airborn cover is interesting. Keep it up!

Bookworm said...

How did you do that? That was amazing! I like Jenna Fox's best.

Mrs. Magoo said...

Oh my gosh! These are gorgeous!

Carol(ina) said...

I love your cover of The Adoration of Jenna Fox ; it's so gorgeous! :)

Thao said...

Woah you're so talented. I love the ones for City Of Ember and Twilight, very beautiful

TruNerd said...

Those are cool!

How do i follow you???

Paradox said...

TruNerd, there's a link to follow the blog on the sidebar. It says "Followers" and has all the icons under it of the people who follow my blog. It's right under the huge chunk of text about review books.

Em said...

Those are really amazing. I especially love the first two.

KD said...

These are amazing!

Laina said...

Except for the Twilight one, because I love the Twilight hands, lol, yours are better than the actual ones! :P

Anonymous said...

Okay, these are WAY cool. I love what you did with the Jenna cover. What a neat interpretatin! I see book design in your future . . .

Lorie Ann Grover said...

AWESOME, Paradox! I'm wowed!

Melissa Walker said...

This is a really neat feature! More, more!

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