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Friday, January 23, 2009

Inkheart Movie!!!

I am so excited to see the Inkheart movie! It comes out today! Guess how long I've been waiting for it... 4 months? 6? A year? No, I've been waiting (im)patiently for the movie since September 2007 (about). The movie was originally supposed to come out in March 2008, so I was so disappointed when I found out I had to wait until January 2009 to see it. I'll probably go to it tomorrow with my best friend. I just hope the movie version of the story isn't completely messed up... Ella Enchanted movie? FAIL.

I read the book about five years ago, so I don't remember everything, but I remember that it was GOOD.

I'm too lazy to write out a blurb for the book, but I have provided the trailer (an early one which I like better than the new one, which is trying too hard to appeal to young children), which will give you the general idea:

If you are interested in the new trailer, go to the official movie website:

Here's the IMDB page:
And the Amazon page (not for the movie tie-in, I hate those):

Is anyone else going to see it?



Lenore said...

Linda Gerber and I were discussing the Ella Enchanted movie and I didn't even remember seeing it until she mentioned that they sing and dance at the end. And then I remembered that I did see it, and yes, it was made of fail.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I haven't read the book but I just saw the movie and I thought it was very good.

Anonymous said...

Inkheart is a fantasy based family adventure, directed by Iain Softley. A young girl named Meggie discovers that her father Mo has the ability to bring to life the characters of a book, by reading them aloud.really suspenseful movie ..Awesome...I download this movie from this website....

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