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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paradox Says *Hi*

Hello, I'm Paradox, and I must be crazy for attempting to start a blog. Don't expect there to be much here until at the very soonest December (NaNoWriMo is eating my soul). But when I do finally start posting things, besides contest links, this will be a blog for book reviews, things that amuse me, interesting stuff I find on the internet, updates about my writing and possibly short stories, graphics and drawings of mine, and randomness. I'll try to stress the book reviews, though, because I am love reading. I'm pretty new to writing book reviews, so at first they probably won't be that good.

My favorite genres of books to read are science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, mythological, or anything with a touch of the metaphysical. Anything with parallel universes too. Most of this is YA. I do not like fluff cliquish high/middle school stories, so don't expect me to review them. I will read realistic fiction, but I prefer for it to be something special or unusual.

I like to write about the things I like to read, and that influences what I draw, because I usually draw my characters. Right now I am attempting to write two books (more about that in later posts). Besides reading, writing, and drawing, I like to find amusing sites on the internet, design websites, attempt to teach myself 3D animation and other digital art, and take pictures of things with my digital camera.

Oh, the picture on the left is not me, it's one of my characters that I drew.

I doubt anyone is actually reading this, but here are some links to contests that I am posting to get extra entries:

  • Reading Mania is having a huge contest to win any book she reviews from when the contest began to today. It ends at midnight, so I don't know if anyone will find this in time, but there'll be another contest soon. -

My next post on this blog will probably be either contest links or about some fan book covers I made. And the layout is temporary. I'll customize it when I have time.



Ti said...

Congrats on starting a blog. I started mine in Feb 2008 and it's a lot of fun. Good luck!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I can't wait to read some reviews!

To answer your question from my blog..I got 10 of my books from a contest I won, and the other one I got from Book Divas.

I followed you! =D
Welcome to the book blogging community!!

sharonanne said...

I look forward to seeing more of your blog. I started mine 3 months ago. I love YA science fiction and and find parallel universes to be quite interesting.

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