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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hottie by Jonathan Bernstein

I know this is a bit overdue, but I've been having some computer trouble (it's slow, and if I open too many windows it crashes.)

I accidentally got two copies of Hottie, so I will be running a contest for the second (details to be posted soon.) Comment on this review to get an extra entry.

Review of: Hottie
Author - Jonathan Bernstein
Genre(s) - Realistic, Superhero (is that a genre?)
Pages - 320
Publisher - Razorbill
Publication Date - April 2, 2009

Rating -

Plot - 23/30
Writing - 16/20
Characters - 15/20
Creativity - 15/20
The *Wow* Factor - 8/10
Grand Total - 77/100

Grade - C+

Summary (From Amazon) -

Alison Cole’s got it all: She’s gorgeous, dating a steamy surfer boy, and has just been crowned Beverly Hills High Freshman Class President. Then during a special “symmetry” surgery, a lightning bolt zaps her, and Alison instantly transforms into Hottie—that is, a totally sizzling superhero with the power to shoot fire from her fingers!

Shunned as a Pyro-Freak, Alison must adopt dorky David Eels as her crime-fighting sidekick. Worse, she’s falling for the one guy who wants to “extinguish” her forever, Junior Class President of Cuteness— and wannabe firefighter—T. Hull. But she doesn’t realize that a supervillain’s lurking. . . .

Has Hottie met her match?

Review -

I have a weakness for superhero stories. Hottie wasn’t my favorite of the genre, but I still had a lot of fun reading it. Don’t take the C+ as a bad thing, because the points off were not for lack of fun, but more for a few problems I had with the characters and the tendency to follow the superhero stereotype (less creativity and plot points), which was the author’s intention. Oh, and I have to comment about the cover. I don’t like the new cover. Its colors clash and the photo of the girl doesn’t go well with the graphics. I preferred the cover that was completely graphical and had colors that actually went together. (I will post a comparison later.) Unfortunately, neither of them actually show the costume described in the book, so don’t use the cover to judge the book. Overall, this book was fun, so remember that as you read this review.

Hottie was set in LA, mostly Beverly Hills. I’ve never been there, but the book’s version of LA seemed very cartoonish, which I think was the point. It was used well as a backdrop for the story. But I wish the school had been described in a bit more detail. Some of my favorite scenes were when Alison was fighting crime as Hottie, which is where the book really shines.

The characters were where I found most of my problems with the book. They were all a bit too stereotypical for my liking (dumb blonde, mean popular girls, clueless loser nerd, evil stepmother, etc.) None of the characters seemed to have much life or originality, though I did see a bit with Alison. Alison was the dumb blonde of the story. I personally don’t like reading about main characters that aren’t very intelligent, but she made up for it with cuteness/fun/kindness. David was a pretty stereotypical nerd, though he had his moments. T. was pretty lifeless, but there were some funny scenes with him. It was all a bit too much like a cartoon or sitcom (stupid clueless adults, kids that are still sort-of stupid… but smarter than the adults, who are completely oblivious of the danger.) But that doesn't stop most of us from watching sitcoms, because that's what makes them funny.

I won’t give too much of the plot away, but if you read Hottie, expect a plot that follows the traditional superhero story, with a few amusing differences. Also expect a love triangle. If that sounds good to you, this will be one fun read. But I will warn you, it can get a bit cheesy at times, especially the superhero/supervillain showdown.

Hottie is not the sort of book to read if you want something serious or intellectual, but if you want something unchallenging and fun, or if you just like superhero stories, Hottie is the book for you!

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Willowe said...

Great review!

I know, "never judge a book by its cover" and all that, but I wasn't sure how this book was going to be because it just didn't *look* good.

That being said, I'm glad you thought that it was a fun read. Maybe I'll read this myself at some point.

Senfaye said...

Awesome review!

katie said...

Great review! Sometimes I like light easy reads so I would probably like this one. I almost bought it today but I decided to hold off until I read most of the books in my pile. I'm glad you thought it was fun.

iDogrocker said...

Nice review, Paradox! Btw, I think "superhero" is a subject, but whatever ;D

McKenzie said...

Based on the cover, I don't think the book will be all that great. But you never know, I might just have to read it.

Great review!

Katie said...

I liked the old cover better, too. This looks like a fun read & I'll probably end up checking it out eventually.

The Not So Closet Geeks said...

I, too, have a superhero story weakness. I liked the old cover so much better for this book, though!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice review. I think this sound like a fun book, and I'm always looking for things to make me laugh and just be a casual read, esp. with summer coming up. Sounds like a good by-the-pool read.


VioletReads said...

Ooh. As an Angeleno, now I want to read this and see if it's LA feels realistic to me! Thanks for pointing out some interesting things about this book!

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